Calculated Moon Sightings

It has become an unfortunate issue that there is so much debate every Ramadan around the citing of the moon. I have always felt it best to refrain from the debate, acknowledge the difference of opinion and follow your local community which you trust. I recently came across a post by one of my former teachers…



This is an incredibly important series to watch. Haroon Moghul​ has produced a series entitled ‘Confession‘, running through his teenage years in his journey out of and back into religion. Some of our own scholars had a similar crisis of faith, saying in their own words how they left Islam and returned (e.g. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan…

Laylat Al-Qadr3

The Night of Power

It is well known that no one knows for certain when Laylat Al-Qadr (the night of power) falls. The prophet ﷺ had once come to inform us about its precise timing, but when he saw two Muslims quarrelling, the knowledge was withheld from us. عَنْ عُبَادَةَ بْنِ الصَّامِتِ، قَالَ خَرَجَ النَّبِيُّ صلى الله عليه وسلم لِيُخْبِرَنَا بِلَيْلَةِ…


Salawaat in Prayer

Imam Sha’rani writes: “Another example is the statement of Abu Hanifa and Malik that the Salawat upon the Prophet (alayhi salat wa salam) in the final Tashahud is a Sunnah (stressed recommendation), while al-Shafi’i and Ahmad (in one of his positions narrated from him) state that it is an obligation (Fard); so the first espouse…


Fes #2: Love at First Sight

It​’​s rare that hype meets expectations. Having read a dozen books on Fes and the Maghrib before coming, I knew I had set my expectations high and was bracing myself for disappointment. My experience in Egypt had taught me that today​’​s reality is far from the nostalgic past we read of before. The chaos of…

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Fes #1: Intention

Just over a year ago, I made my first ever “impulse” buy; 2 return tickets to Fes. I remember thinking it would be a useful opportunity to reflect on life and decide what to do next. At the time, I had just been given approval for a Sabbatical from work as I needed some time out to begin what has become the Centre for Islam and Medicine. I had been reading books on the Little did I know how much the coming journey would have an impact on my life.



Dreams. Many of us have them. Few of us pursue them. But rarely do people reach them. A dear friend of mine, Derrick Peat, is one of the brave people who decided to sacrifice everything to pursue his dreams. From the moment he decided to convert to Islam to the brave decision he took to…