The Soliloquy of the Full Moon

A sign of the maturation of a society is the development of its own literature, culture and art. This has been the case for every place Islam reached since its inception. The style and form of ‘our Islam’ varies immensely between China, North Africa, the Middle East etc; all adopting the customs of the local…

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Misdirected Passions

I used to have so many passions that were so diverse But since I have come to know you, all of my passions have become one, So those who I used to envy began to envy me And I became the master of creation, the day that You became my Master كانـت لقلبي أهواءٌ مفرّقــة…


Nostalgic Beauty

“Nostalgia is powerful. Instil good memories in your children of their religion, and they will forever look back at it and their faith with fondness. Just look at the Star Wars effect!” “People who have never seen beauty can’t give it” [Paraphrased, Sh. Idriss Watts​] An awesome talk by Sh. Idriss yesterday, providing much food…



By Dr Bilal Hassam Yesterday I was catching up with a teacher/ mentor of mine when he asked me a question about ISIS and Ebola…. Him: You’re a Doctor Bilal, tell me how would you feel if every doctor specialised in Ebola? Me: I don’t understand? Him: There was a big Ebola scare over the…


The Path of Misguidance

Extremism like ISIS has had many forms in history. The original incarnation began at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when a man named Dhu Al-Khuwaysirah accused the Messenger of God of being unjust directly in His presence! This is the tradition of these people who feign religiosity whilst going against everything our religion teaches. They claim they know more than the one God sent to teach us!

...but as soon as you turn your back

Youth Group

Alhamdulillah, we took 4 of our local stars from youth group to Unity FM 93.5 – Heart Of The City​ to experience the media buzz! Was an awesome experience! Having been involved in the youthgroup from its inception a year ago, I can truly say its been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial things…