Learn about your Beloved ﷺ

Loving the Prophet ﷺ is an obligation for every believer, and one can only love the beloved by learning about his life, character and appearance.

Following the study circle, I have put together a short list of essential resources of videos, books and audio lectures which you should all look through. But the thing to remember most is that one learns from the prophet ﷺ by sitting with his inheritors – the scholars! I encourage you all to attend some form of circle of knowledge with a teacher to not just learn from their words but their actions too. There is so much available at different times, mediums and places that really we have no excuse!

I pray these resources are useful and increase our love and praise for the prophet. Ameen!

NOTE: I have provided the links to where you can purchase copies where applicable. I would encourage you all to support the authors of the books / lectures

Muhammad: His Life Based on The Earliest Sources – Martin Lings
http://amzn.to/14nB9Nm / https://www.kalamullah.com/muhammad-audio-book.html
Complementary reading: corrections of the mistakes found in this book: https://www.abc.se/home/m9783/ir/d/crml_e.pdf

Our Master Muhammad – 2 volumes on the physical descriptions of the prophet ﷺ

Al-Shifaa – Qadi Iyaad (translated by Aisha Bewley)


Audio Lectures
The physical descriptions of the prophet

Life of the Prophet Muhammad – Sh. Hamza Yusuf


30 part series on the life of the prophet ﷺ shown through His great companion Omar (radia allahu anhu)

Celebrate Mercy trailers

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