“Successful are those who purify themselves”

“Successful are those who purify themselves” (87:14)

Imagine a society where success was defined by morality, where a person’s wealth, colour and lineage were irrelevant compared to their piety.

Imagine if, when transacting with you’re fellow human beings, you each sought to out-do one another in kindness, love and virtue, rather than money, beauty and status.

Imagine the impact we would have on this earth if each of us purified the impact we had on it, careful not to damage the delicate ecosystem we live in ahead of any cost or profit considerations

Imagine a society where people were told to be the best version of themselves, aspiring to rid themselves of their vices, rather than pacifying or accepting them – or even “succeeding” through them.

Even if you were to limit success to this material world, the only thing which will carry your name once you leave this world is your deeds and goodness of character.

Indeed, successful are *only* those who purify themselves


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