Summer Holiday Hacks

It’s the summer holidays, a time all kids rejoice and parents begrudge! After a long, tough year at school, every kid relishes that much earned break to kick back, relax and enjoy the sun. In their minds, summer consists of a concoction of games, gym, smartphones, TV and friends – with snacks, sleep and maybe a vacation scattered in between.

As parents, it’s tough enough entertaining them for 6 weeks alongside work, let alone having to worry about the time they spend. Religion feels like another burden to bear! Here are 10 Hacks to help you parent like a pro to make this a summer they won’t forget!

The Desert Call

As He stood upon the newly built house in the vastness of the desert, he began calling the emptiness to the House of God.

To an observer, His actions seem worthless. What good will his call do amidst the immensity of the desert? How will it reach the millions of people around the world to bring them to the House of God? Shouldn’t he have built it where people already were, rather than expecting them to come to the house of God? Who would traverse the difficult terrain of Arabia to come to His house?

Meaningful Action in a Helpless World

“Everything you do without remembering God is useless.”

The world is a scary place. So much is happening beyond our control, it’s easy to feel paralysed by helplessness. It’s with this that I turned to a trusted friend and teacher for advice; what can we meaningfully do to change things?

His answer shocked me. He had read the undertones of my question. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do; it was that I subconsciously believed it wouldn’t do anything!


“When did Islam become a series of hurdles and challenges” I’ll never forget those words. It was the unexpected response I was given after asking for advice on some difficulties I and others had been facing. So often, we reduce our faith to a set of rules – do’s and don’ts. We obsess with it,…


This is an incredibly important series to watch. Haroon Moghul​ has produced a series entitled ‘Confession‘, running through his teenage years in his journey out of and back into religion. Some of our own scholars had a similar crisis of faith, saying in their own words how they left Islam and returned (e.g. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan…

Irrelevant Islam?

My greatest worry is Islam will be seen as irrelevant. If our scholarship stagnates, we struggle to understanding contemporary problems from our own principles and people begin to abandon our religion… As many of you know, I have been working with a number of scholars, medics, non-medics and business people to establish the first dedicated research…


How wondrous it is that a diamond is buried deep amongst a sea of rocks. Only through the intensity of its environment and the strength of its endurance could this magnificent stone be carved into an stone with beauty and strength in equal measure. Yet, when buried beneath the earth, a diamond is no different from any of its neighbours.…

The Next Ghazali?

I pray you are well and Ramadan is going blessed for you! . I have written an email below about a project that is dear to my heart and a great opportunity for you! Ive also made a video in case the text is too long to read 🙂 Let me know your thoughts! .…

“Educated Pro-activity”

Alhamdulillah, many of us have been fortunate enough to serve the community in a number of different projects. Others will have been fortunate enough to study the sacred sciences and advance in their religious studies. However, have you ever wondered why there isn’t something which blends the two? Of course there are some dawah initiatives…