Prophetic Leadership

By Bilal Hassam “Prophetic Leadership” – Windsor Castle – April 2015 Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad / Timothy J. Winter “…To be Prophetic is to be counter cultural, to be a dissident; you simply can’t be Prophetic if you’re driving round in the Sultans Bentley. To be Prophetic you must be, by definition, difficult for those…

15 Diseases of Leadership

Here, the Prophet ﷺ defines leadership by its responsibility, not position. The focus is shifted away from the structure and towards the individual. By generalising the definition of leadership, He ﷺ is equating the characteristics found in each of them regardless of the level of authority given. If one cannot lead justly or effectively in their household, they will not be able to lead justly or effectively as a statesman. As such, it is essential for us to understand the notable qualities and the common pitfalls engendered within leadership so we are effective wherever Allah places us.