Salawaat in Prayer

Imam Sha’rani writes: “Another example is the statement of Abu Hanifa and Malik that the Salawat upon the Prophet (alayhi salat wa salam) in the final Tashahud is a Sunnah (stressed recommendation), while al-Shafi’i and Ahmad (in one of his positions narrated from him) state that it is an obligation (Fard); so the first espouse…

Fes #2: Love at First Sight

It​’​s rare that hype meets expectations. Having read a dozen books on Fes and the Maghrib before coming, I knew I had set my expectations high and was bracing myself for disappointment. My experience in Egypt had taught me that today​’​s reality is far from the nostalgic past we read of before. The chaos of…

Fes #1: Intention

Just over a year ago, I made my first ever “impulse” buy; 2 return tickets to Fes. I remember thinking it would be a useful opportunity to reflect on life and decide what to do next. At the time, I had just been given approval for a Sabbatical from work as I needed some time out to begin what has become the Centre for Islam and Medicine. I had been reading books on the Little did I know how much the coming journey would have an impact on my life.

15 Diseases of Leadership

Here, the Prophet ﷺ defines leadership by its responsibility, not position. The focus is shifted away from the structure and towards the individual. By generalising the definition of leadership, He ﷺ is equating the characteristics found in each of them regardless of the level of authority given. If one cannot lead justly or effectively in their household, they will not be able to lead justly or effectively as a statesman. As such, it is essential for us to understand the notable qualities and the common pitfalls engendered within leadership so we are effective wherever Allah places us.

Quran Club

A year ago, we began the Quran Club, a project among 20 friends to encourage one another to read Quran Daily. The idea was simple: we send half a page of Quran every day along with the audio via facebook, twitter, email & whatsapp. That person then reads it in their own time.

The idea quickly caught on and 20 people became 10,000 and counting spread across the world.

Pillars of Piety

Someone asked Hassan Al Basri: “What is the secret of your piety?” He replied, “I understood 4 things: I understood my rizq (provision) cannot be taken by anyone so my heart is content. I understood that no one can do my actions (worship) for me, so I started doing them myself. I understood Allah ﷻ…

Irrelevant Islam?

My greatest worry is Islam will be seen as irrelevant. If our scholarship stagnates, we struggle to understanding contemporary problems from our own principles and people begin to abandon our religion… As many of you know, I have been working with a number of scholars, medics, non-medics and business people to establish the first dedicated research…