“You are very important. If you weren’t, then you would not be here. You matter. If you tap into your potential, you are among the best of all creation. You are the one that if you mention Allāh, He mentions you among His highest angels – Gabriel, and Michael – He is mentioning you to…


“What is the moon except a reflection of the sun. The beauty you see in me is just a reflection of your own light; its splendour dazzling only from the darkness of the world which surrounds it. My reality is just a rock which disappears when those of true reality emerge” – Anonymous


Different states have different outcomes. Β  Β  Β  This accounts for the variety of types of action (9) Withdraw the heart into the arena of reflection – nothing helps the heart more than that! (12) [Al-Hikam of Ibn Ata’ Illah As-Sakandari]