“You are very important. If you weren’t, then you would not be here. You matter. If you tap into your potential, you are among the best of all creation. You are the one that if you mention Allāh, He mentions you among His highest angels – Gabriel, and Michael – He is mentioning you to them. The scholars say if you could hear the scratch of the pen as it writes your name, you would die from ecstasy.

Then, who are you? You are very special.

When you realize how important you are, you will then realize why you will be judged. You have a purpose. You have importance. You will be judged based on how you used the gifts Allāh has given you.

Most people live their whole life without knowing themselves. To know yourself, is to know God.”

-— Dr. ʿUmar Farūq ʿAbd-Allāh


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