At the (Virtual) Feet of our Scholars

Subhanallah! I was so happy when I saw this that I thought Id post it straight away!

Al-Azhar is now filming and uploading its classes onto youtube for all to see. Sadly it is only in arabic (for now), but nonetheless this video is a wonderful opportunity to see what it is like attending these open classes of these great teachers!

(Note: the video I initiall posted with this blog has been removed. Ive uploaded a link to a different talk but the same things apply!

This is Sheikh Ali-Jumu’ahs class on Usool Al-Fiqh in Al-Azhar. His mannerisms and way of teaching are sublime, and his words are accessible yet thought-provoking. Even if you dont understand arabic, just watch this for a moment.

May Allah grant all our scholars good health and long lives, and enter them Jannah Al-Firdaus – the highest rank of Paradise! Ameen

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