Gardens of Paradise

Ibn `Umar reported that the Prophet said: 

“When you pass by the gardens of Paradise, avail yourselves of them.” The Companions asked: “What are the gardens of Paradise, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “The circles of dhikr[1]. There are roaming angels of Allah who go about looking for the circles of dhikr, and when they find them they surround them closely.” 

[Tirmidhi narrated it (hasan gharib) and Ahmad]

Live Qur’an recitation is one of the most amazing experiences available in Egypt, something no video can ever fully capture. Its not simply the beautiful words that are being recited, but the entire atmosphere that fills the room as you witness people visibly moved by what is being said. The words of the Qur’an are particularly sweet when listened to with attentive ears and a reflective mind;

Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Nay, on the hearts there are locks.

Insha’allah, every now and then, I will post up a video of a Qur’an recitation I attend at a different mosque in Cairo. This is with the hope that you listen and reflect on the words that are being said and let it impact your heart.

Todays recitation is from Masjid Sayyidah Nafeesa – the great granddaughter of the messenger  and the teacher of Imam Al-Shafi’. This mosque had a special aura from the moment you step into it. The recitation is particularly beautiful and the hall was packed to the brink before it had even begun! The Sheikh himself apparently led Taraweeh in a Nottingham this last year and sends his regards to everyone in the UK.

Please pray for the safety and well-being of Egypt, Syria, Yemen and all the other countries suffering at the moment. We are living through turbulent times and we should constantly pray for victory of our brothers and sisters suffering all over the world. Also please pray for guidance and forgiveness both for myself and for everyone in this world. Ameen

[1] Dhikr refers to any form of rememberance of God.

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