Death’s Last Encounter; a message to Ustadh Usama Canon

You, ustadh, were the first embodiment I saw of a man connected to Allah ﷻ. In this moment of great difficulty, I remind you of this story to witness you testified to God’s oneness in your previous encounter with death so that you may stay strong in your latest one.


A New Milestone

Yesterday, 3 years after our launch, we reached a new milestone at The Centre for Islam and Medicine.

Our vision for developing an institution to research and educate on the new issues faced within our society to provide guidance to our community is now one step closer, alhamdulillah.

Dear Pilgrim

Below is a (fairly long) email I send to people before they head off to Umrah. It’s my own dua list accompanied by some advice I wrote. Feel free to take any duas and use them for yourself, and please remember me in them too. Of course, any dua you make for others is always…

Oceans of Subtleties

Companionship is incredibly important, and the companionship of scholars even more so. By spending time with them, you pick up so much from both their state and speech, picking up elements of the Prophetic inheritance these great men and women have worked so hard to preserve and pass on. Yesterday, I was honoured to sit…

Nostalgic Beauty

“Nostalgia is powerful. Instil good memories in your children of their religion, and they will forever look back at it and their faith with fondness. Just look at the Star Wars effect!” “People who have never seen beauty can’t give it” [Paraphrased, Sh. Idriss Watts​] An awesome talk by Sh. Idriss yesterday, providing much food…

Youth Group

Alhamdulillah, we took 4 of our local stars from youth group to Unity FM 93.5 – Heart Of The City​ to experience the media buzz! Was an awesome experience! Having been involved in the youthgroup from its inception a year ago, I can truly say its been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial things…