A New Milestone

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah!
Yesterday, 3 years after our launch, we reached a new milestone at The Centre for Islam and Medicine.
Our vision for developing an institution to research and educate on the new issues faced within our society to provide guidance to our community is now one step closer, alhamdulillah.
When we set about to establish the CIM, it seemed a tall task. With no income and little more than a name, it seemed crazy to leave a well-paid job to set this up. Moreover, whilst convincing the community to part money for such an niche initiative was always going to be a challenge, we also had the difficult task of trying to understand how to even begin going about understanding the field and going about the work!
But when Allah is with you, and you are sincere in pleasing Him, He will give you success.
Many of you came forward and generously donated to support this project, placing your trust in Allah first and foremost, then the CIM to deliver this work. I personally have so many of you to thank for trusting me and the team with your money; that is something I can never repay. Through this, we were able to pilot and develop our vision, then soon after hire our awesome new director Arzoo Ahmed to see it through.
Yesterday’s talk was the beginning of a series of Masterclasses which will begin the discussion across the foundations of Bioethics, tackling the most difficult questions medicine throws up head on. These classes bring together a number of disciplines together, sitting in the cross section between Usool, fiqh, law, ethics and modernity. Our hope is to build a community which can work together to research these issues together, creating a space for dialogue and further collaborations through the centre.
Imagine a future where you know exactly where to go to find support and guidance through your questions on Medicine, finance, family life etc.
Imagine Muslims had the infrastructure to do comprehensive research on each of these issues to reach a robust understanding of the issues at play.
Imagine we had the confidence as a community to engage with our friends and neighbours in our faith through a language they understand, so our religion is no longer viewed as barbaric or unintellectual.
It was a teary moment, and a beautiful realisation that if you trust in Allah and work hard, good things will happen.
Finally, I want to thank all our volunteers, our awesome trustees, our teachers and mentors, the attendees who have come to our events, and all the donors who have helped us come this far. There is too many to mention on this post, but all of you have played an invaluable role in our journey.
Onwards and upwards insha’allah!
For those who missed it – access to our opening session by Professor Tariq Ramadan (official) is available for free online.
If you wish to register to attend our future courses, you can do so https://goo.gl/Dpw1LZ . I can promise you, you won’t regret signing up!
Finally, we also offer bursaries for those who need help financially! Email masterclasses@thecim.org.uk for more details.

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