Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed us all to be people on the path of knowledge. It is a great blessing Alhamdulillah!
I was reflecting upon this, thinking why it was I was studying. Was it the knowledge that I sought or rather a far deeper yearning for the possessor of all knowledge! Upon this, I wrote this poem:


Where is the water to quench my thirst
That plagues my soul within
But is it the thirst that drives desire
Or the burning love within

Foolhardy is the soul that loves
For the sake of love itself
The trickery of the soul indeed
When love is for one’s self

Our heart will yearn to chase desires
Fooled by senses pleased!
For true love is what lies beyond the ‘I’
And what no man has ever seen

Our creator, sustainer, provider, maintainer
With whom all paths will end
For what else is there for man to love
Than the one and only God.

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