Travelling with an Azhari

“Cairo is a place of two extremes; if seek guidance you will find it here, and if you seek sin you will find it here”

Alhamdulillah, my time here has been has been blessed with the company of so many amazing people without whom I don’t think I would have survived. Looking back at it now – I am still not sure how it all worked out! I came to Egypt with just the a handful of phone numbers for people I had never met before, no place to stay and no idea how to get round the city. By the grace of Allah, I was blessed to meet the most amazing people who helped me in ways I could never have imagined to make feel at home in this new city I have grown to love!

The other day I met up again with some of the first people I met in Cairo; a group of Syrians who study/work in Cairo. On our drive around, Sheikh Aamer gives me a demonstration of the Maqamaat – the different musical tunes which the Quran can be read in. A brilliant resource has just been put together by Sh. Idrees Ally on:

The video below is a demonstration of three of these; Saba, Kurd and Nihawand. Enjoy!

On a slightly related note, we all know Cairo driving is a bit mad (to say the least!). However, in Alexandria they take it to a whole other level!

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