Our 1st Quran Club Khatam!

3.5 years ago, we started the Quran Club as a whatsapp group of 20 people. The idea was born from a Productive Muslim article sent by a friend. It encouraged people to read Quran more by sharing verses on Whatsapp with one another, helping us to keep each other to account.

Truthfully, when I first heard the idea, I groaned at the idea of yet another whatsapp group, but couldn’t say anything because it was the Quran. A second later, I realised how terrible my reaction had been! I was groaning at someone encouraging me to read Quran!

Realising my mistake, and wanting to remedy it, I volunteered to be the one to send the messages and the Quran Club was born!

Today, that same whatsapp group has over 20,000 members across the world and, after 3.5 years of daily messages with half a page of Quran, we finally reach its completion: Our First Khatam! Alhamdulillah.

There is a lot I want to say, and a lot I want to share, but all in due course insha’allah. This whole project from start to finish has been blessed in ways I cannot describe, and I cannot help but feel this partnership is the beginning of the next chapter.
It’s no coincidence that this same act I recoiled at 3.5 years ago has been the source of so much blessing thereafter.

Often, our greatest successes come when we strive through our base struggles and ill feeling to do what is right. It’s at that moment Allah opens the doors to His bounties, because it’s at that moment our action becomes truly sincere.

May this be the beginning of something sincere, blessed and accepted by Allah – because with those, it can be truly special.

And may Allah bless all those hidden people whose donations made this all possible. The trust they placed in us to fulfil this project is something I will never forget.

Stay tuned 😉

PS – don’t worry, we’re gonna keep sending these till we reach the end of surah Al-naas 🙂


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