Every week, we hold a congregational prayer for duhr (the midday prayer) at the end of Sunday School. 300+ kids – young and old – line up in rows side by side to pray to their creator, a beautiful way end to the school each week alhamdulillah.

After the prayer, we hold a short assembly after which we ask the kids to pray 2 rik’ahs sunnah before heading home. For the majority, it’s usually a symbolic gesture of bowing and prostrating in 0.5 seconds before running to grab their shoes!

However, for a few weeks now I have noticed one exception; a 6 years old boy who every week is the last one to leave. Despite the chaoas around him, he’s always standing there calmly concentrating on his prayer, finishing even after most of the teachers. In fact, even the volunteers folding the carpets up around him doesnt phase him as he continues on calmly through each motion of the prayer.

When I first noticed it, I thought it was an exception, but having now counted the same pattern for over a few months now, I know this is just his nature. I often wait around to see what he does upon finishing. Perhaps he knew someone was watching and was doing this because of them. But each week upon finishing, he calmly gets up, grabs his shoes and makes his way out of the hall – having no interaction with anyone. All of this was just his normal, natural self.

When was the last time I ever gave such focus on my prayer? Should I really be the one teaching him when his actions in a few moments have taught me so much more? How must his parents be if they have instilled this in their child at such a young age?

May Allah bless our children and allow us and them to be amongst the righteous. Ameen!


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