Dreams. Many of us have them. Few of us pursue them. But rarely do people reach them.

A dear friend of mine, Derrick Peat, is one of the brave people who decided to sacrifice everything to pursue his dreams. From the moment he decided to convert to Islam to the brave decision he took to travel abroad the study, he’s one of the few individuals with the sincerity, intelligence and drive to see through this journey to learn and benefit the community.

For many of us, we may never be in a position to do what Derrick is doing. Family commitments, income levels, age and countless other reasons may be unfortunate barriers to our journey.

Moreover, as the middle east becomes ever more unstable, these opportunities become fewer and further between. We may even reach a stage when we rely on people like Derrick who have studied abroad to come and teach us and our children in the west: people who understand the context and can adapt to our needs.

But this is the the beauty of Islam: A sincere intention can be enough to earn you the same reward. And an action followed by an action received multiples more! And the best thing is, all this can be achieved by simply donating a small amount and being a part of the collective effort to help Derrick achieve his ambitions to benefit this ummah.

Just think how many of our current scholars in the West pursued a similar course to Derrick and how much benefit we rely on them today. From Sh. Hamza Yusuf to Sh. Yasir Qadhi, every city in the west has benefited from their knowledge. Imagine when they went out to study, someone offered you this same opportunity for them!

And the best thing of all, you could even receive all this reward from Allah and more whilst Derrick does all the hard work of studying. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Even if you only give £1, its better than nothing – and trust me, I know how far £1 goes as a student.

Please give today. Derrick is so close to the end having funded 5+ years out of his own pocket. Help him reach his dream by supporting him in the last few years of the story. The total is tiny and will make a big difference.



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