Madinah’s Gifts

2015-04-21 20.47.53

I was given a gift; dates from the city of light. Instantly, the memories come flooding back:

The blessed greeting
The dazzling green dome
The serenity of the court yard
The echoes of the adhan
The boundless generosity
The sages at every corner
The cries of every lover
The play of innocent children
The silent birds of Al-Baqie
The indescribable peace

All of it, streaming back! Oh Messenger of Allah, how I miss you!

How fortunate the one who visits Madinah
How ruined the one who cannot see its blessings
How beautiful the laugh of every visitor
How painful the cries of every separation

Oh Allah, do not prolong the time before we can return to the blessed city of light, the city of your beloved Messenger!


Sun from the Heavens ﷺ

Were the Light of Muhammadﷺ to be lifted from Dunya
All beings inhabiting it would perish by their vices
Were the Ahmadan Light ﷺ to be veiled from the Selves
Every living heart would be made lifeless
Every lover is colored and dressed by its hues
His heart disperses those Rays like a diamond, priceless
Every heedless and remembering one regardless
Is engulfed in that Mercy, both the sinful and righteous
A Sun from the Heavens ﷺ, Muhammad brings guidance ﷺ
And a special guidance to the ones with hearts silenced
What can be said of the heart brightened by that Sun ﷺ in its Horizons
Those Lions of God, opening ways of vision for the sightless
O Allah – Send Your Perfect Blessings upon he with no likeness ﷺ
Muhammad, he by whose very remembrance the heart whitens ﷺ


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