Tahrir Square

The following are some pictures I took of Tahrir Square during the protests in November.

Metro on the way down
Hardees by Mohammad Mahmood Street (where most of the fighting was)
Panorama Shot of Tahrir Square
Two guys climb on top of the lamp post to wave the Egyptian Flag
Mohammad Mahmood Street
 Make shift Hospital on the side of the road, cornered off and protects by protesters.
Tahrir Square
Candy Floss anyone?
 Falafel and Fool sandwiches
 Ambulance arrives to take the injured
 “The people have decided the power must be handed over immediately”
 Side street off Tahrir
 Tahrir Square
 Back end of Mohammad Mahmood Street. The fighting has stopped at this point but the damage was clear
 The same road closer to Mohammad Mahmood Street
 This building was set on Fire during the protests
 The Tear gas was still present from earlier that day. I had to put the mask on to prevent the gas going into my lungs
 Man selling sweet potato to people on the street
 Walking back to Tahrir, a cafe is open just off the square and filled with people
 Back on Tahrir, in front of the usually bustling KFC – now closed
 Nearer to where the camps are on the square
 Some chants against the regime
 Closer up
 People chilling on the square. Here you find every type of person..
 The bloody hand of General Tantawi salutes the people
 Panorama of the square
 Hospital on the square
 On the actual square where the tents are
 People praying Isha on the side of the road
 The mosque on the far end can be heard reciting the quran for prayers.
 Moments after a man launches some fireworks by the Mugamma
Victory to the Egyptian people

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