Year grant to study Arabic

This is a fantastic opportunity for any non-native speakers keen to learn the arabic language. I recently met some students who came over from Qatar during their winter break to study here in Egypt at the Sibawayh Center for a month. They said it was a great opportunity as they not only pay all your expenses and fees, they also give you monthly stipends to spend money each month.

However, they did mention that although the programme was good, the country itself was a bit dull with little to do outside the programme itself. Still, can’t complain to much when it’s all free!

3 thoughts on “Year grant to study Arabic

  1. As-salamu Alaikum Brother!

    I applied for the program.

    Did they share with you any more information about the school, or how they recived the scholarship, etc?


  2. Waalaykum As-Salaam!

    Unfortunately we didnt go into too much detail. I remember him telling me they make you do a lot of leg work in terms of getting the papers sorted and so on. As for specifics of what they did, I cant help you with that Im afraid!

    • As-Salamu Alaikum Brother!

      Could you please send me your email adress , I want to speak to you privately about studing Arabic abroad.


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