Poetic Emotion

The following is a poem a close friend and brother of mine wrote. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul. May Allah preserve him!

Stirring are the waves of the ocean
At the sight of the full moon
Likewise are my feelings and emotions
When I think of your smile in full bloom
Jolts run through my heart with life’s aspiration
Knowing that it is you, O’ Beloved, who is my inspiration
How beautiful you are, like wondrous sunshine rays
A fountain of wisdom, I marvel through the days
Singing were the birds, experiencing joy intuitively
Seeing the spring of Al-Mustafa, his lofty nobility
Amongst his clustered pearls, radiate the roots of light
Peace be upon the gracious one, who wept through the night
I feel alive full of joy, I could fly to the moon
When I imagine your sweet laughter, a melodious tune
While shepherds watched their flocks by night
Came upon his majestic shoulders, was the duty to recite
The jewel of excellence in him is indivisible
Just as the bounties conferred upon him are incomprehensible
The noblest of messengers, peace be upon him abundantly
Kindness he knew, in essence speaking gently
Unparalleled was his graciousness, his enemies admired his teachings
Restless I am when seeking closeness to God through his blessings
Sometimes I watch the evening’s amber sun
And I calm myself down, from thoughts weighing a tonne
The soothing orange invigorates my mind
As you do, O’ the heart-enticing one, always so kind
So peace be upon him, his family, his companions and those who follow
Salutations for you perpetually, you are my inspiration.

Waqaar Butt – January 2012

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