In Syria, they sleep in snow…

Please help my friend and relative do his work out in Syria.

If things weren’t getting worse, I think my emails would stop. But they are. So please read to the end – it’s about Syria, and I have some important things to say.

I currently have a friend and a relative out in Syria leading on a medical and humanitarian project for Hand in Hand for Syria. They have told me of horrific stories. But here is one I just had to share because it came with a picture and the picture says so much (and I quote, with the image):

“Heart breaking; how those little ones have been forced to leave all their dreams of easy living in their childhood. This child is a Syrian refugee in Turkey who works all the day in selling bread to make a living. He cried his heart when the wind blew away the bread. He then collected it all and embraced it.”

Many children are like this. They have lost both parents and are being forced to fend for themselves. His tears are so heart-breaking. And believe me when I say this, there are currently people we have seen who are actually sleeping under lorries because they have no other shelter to hide from the snow.

So please help.

We have another convoy travelling out on the 26th January inshallah, to Syria. You can donate either directly to the charity to support this effort, or if you want to get money out there now through me and I will pass it onto my brother in law, then please use these details: Sort code: 40-26-22, Account number: 61127748; reference: support. Last time I asked you all, I got several donations. This included 2 x £100 and 1 x £300. This total amount was used to buy surgical tools for a volunteer ophthalmologist out there, to operate on emergency eye injuries and alhamdulilallah, as a result, he was able to make a huge difference to many people’s lives.

If you really want to help the Syrian people, then this is your chance. This work is strictly humanitarian – we treat everyone. So please support! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you, JazakumAllahu khairan, God bless!

(PS: I’ll leave you with another small image of a child out there and the price they have paid):

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