O Lovers

Ey ashighan ey asheghan, hengame kuchast az jehan
O lovers, lovers! The time to depart this world has come!

Dar gush-e janim mirasad tabl-e rahil az asuman
My ear has heard the heavenly drum which tells that that time has come


sali rabi ala alnabi, alhashimi al-mutalibi
My Lord send praises upon the prophet, the hashimite, the mutalibite

Sahibi Asfa nasabi, wa aalihi wa-sahibi
The one of the purest lineage, and upon his family and companions

Nek sareban bar khaste qettareha araste
See, the driver stands up, and has lined the camels up

Az ma halali khaste che khufte id ey karevan
asking for my pardon: why, travellers, are you sleeping?

In bangeha az pish u pas bang-e rahilast u jaras
These sounds from front and behind are the noise of departure, and its camel-bells

Her lahze-yi nafs u nefes sar mikonad dar la mekan
In every moment a soul and a breath are heading for the Beyond

Ey dil suye dildare shu ey yar suye yar shu
O heart, seek the Beloved! O friend, seek the Friend!

Ey pasban bidar shu khufte nashayad paseban
O watchman, be wakeful! It is not right for a watchman to sleep.

[A rendition of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s poem by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad]


[youtube http://youtu.be/1JeT2Bda_Ck]

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