Bitter Sweet

It was a bitter sweet moment…

As I reached out to fetch my nephew’s toy boat from under the cupboad, I grabbed a book to help me reach it as it had gone too far under. After I retrieved the boat, I looked to see which book had come to my aid.

To my amazement, I had lifted a book which I had been looking for EVERYWHERE and couldnt find – let alone realise we owned a copy of the book! Its a commentary on a classical book called Al-Bayqooniyah by Sheikh Abdullah Siraaj Al-deen, a book that has been really difficult to source outside of ‪#‎Syria‬. I had been studying this with my teacher and was desperate to find a copy of the book!

In my delight, I open the front cover to realise that the book had been a gift to my father from my Uncle Ahmed Al-Sharif – the same uncle who has been missing for over a year and a half in #Syria. All the memories of our time together rushed back to me as I remembered what a kind and inspirational man he was. May he find safety soon and be given the best in this life and the next. Ameen


3 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. This story is tragic for many reasons. May Allah release your uncle and bring him back to your family in good health. One wonders whether it is proper behaviour to use books of sacred knowledge in the way described in the story.

    • Ameen

      Sound advice. In truth, I thought it was a story book and not one of sacred knowledge as it was stacked alongside the childrens books we have. I only saw the cover of the book after!

      Barakallahu Feekum

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