Qur’an Translation – Ali Unal

According to my teacher Shaykh Sjaad Hussain, this is the best translation of the Qur’an into English, surpassing even the one by Professor Abdel Halem. Its beautiful, contextual translation in meaningful English alongside a multitude of footnotes and comments to give the some of the depth of meaning the Qur’an can bring.

Insha’allah I plan to begin reading this alongside my ordinary reading of the Qur’an!

NOTE: Please respect the author’s work and purchase a copy of the translation alongside downloading it if you can.


Download link:


3 thoughts on “Qur’an Translation – Ali Unal

  1. I read an excerpt on Amazon and I did order it but the printing is bad. The font is too small, ink is not dark and paper is so thin that each page reflects what is written on the back of that page. If a person is going to produce such a great translation and commentary, then it makes sense that a good printing job is done so people can read it.

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