The proof that God exists

The Kalaam Cosmological Argument – argued by Imam Ghazali over 900 years ago. A logical and irrefutable proof for the existence of God. Till today, no one has disproved it. All they do is postulate other theories…

This particular video explains it in a more empirical fashion, using the observations around us. I prefer the logical proof which breaks each premise down to show how they must be true, but its much more complicated to explain

Now, who said belief in Allah was irrational?

Simple Discussion

More detailed explanation

2 thoughts on “The proof that God exists

  1. The entire argument is very refutable. All the premises can be denied quite easily. But even if we grant the argument to be true there’s nothing to necessitate the ‘first cause’ as a sentient one.

    • Neither premise is refutable, and I invite you to try…
      Note: to refute to to challenge or prove the premise itself, not throw up another theory.

      Similarly, call the “first cause” what you like, we are agreed that it possess certain attributes – attributes which when collectively present I describe to be God. You can call it what you wish, but the discussion isn’t about semantics.

      To illustrate the points, a few additional comments are needed:
      – The conclusion that a spaceless, timeless, uncaused, immeterial and powerful “cause” was there
      – That “cause” must have knowledge of when to bring about this creation. If it did not (i.e. it was spontaneous), how do we differentiate between the moment it happened and subsequent moments? Why is it not repeating? Why is the universe not timeless as the power itself is timeless? These all show that this power must also have knowledge of when it chose to bring about the creation
      – Anything which has knowledge and the ability to think must be self-aware. This was about the only thing Descartes could agree to existing in his statement “I think therefore I am”.
      – Hence, a self-aware, all knowledgable, spaceless, timeless, uncaused, immeterial and powerful “cause” brought all this about
      … for ease of language, lets call it God 🙂

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