The least you get…

2014-11-04_15.41.49It is strange to think I first went to Madinah and Makkah over 2 years ago. The experience was surreal; the culmination of so many dreams all at once.

Shortly before that trip, someone told me a story of a man who wrote the names and prayers of every person he knew in order to remember to pray for them regularly. At the time, I decided to email each person I knew and offer them to send me their prayers to add to my notebook. Some sent me long lists, whilst others simply asked for me to add their names, but each was treated with the highest awe and respect.

This list has stayed with me 2 years later, adding to the names and growing the list continually. Every now and then I will pull it out to pray for those inside. Some duas have been ticked as achieved, others have been marked as pending, but many have been signed as receiving far better than requested.

But the truth is I wanted to reach out to every person and thank them for entrusting me with their prayers. I have no doubt on my mind that it has been the key for so many doors opening in my life, and I pray Allah continues to shower us with His love and mercy..

Two years later I’m performing my 3rd Umrah and stand at the doors of many dreams unfolding. The conference offers tremendous opportunity in a city where the least you get in what you ask for.

I only share this story with you to give you hope – if someone as insignificant as me can be given so much, then someone as noble and honoured as you will be given so much more from the One whose majesty and Kingdom knows no end.

And remember: the least you get is what you ask for!

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