Alhamdulillah, one of the sweetest moments in my life (no pun intended 😊)

Yesterday, as I was working away in my room, my nephew (4 yrs old) comes in and offers me a chocolate egg. His mum had given him a bag of 8 and he was going round giving them out to the 6 people in our house of his own accord.

After thanking him, he left my room and I returned back to my work. 5 minutes, I hear someone tiptoe-ing in the background. As I turned around, my nephew awkwardly shuffles to hide in the corner of my room, placing something behind his back.

“Why are you hiding? What have you taken?”
“Nothing…” he said sheepishly, although his face spoke differently.

As I turned back round to my work, he shuffled again to my shelf, but this time I caught him in the act! In his hands were two eggs which he carefully placed “hidden” out of sight

“Who are those for?”
“You” he said “I’m hiding them for you for later”
“Because I love you, and so you don’t eat them all at once!”

My heart melted.

I don’t usually do this ‘cheesy’ stuff, but that blew me away…!

Later that evening, I came back upstairs and found the chocolate had gone. He’d probably changed his mind and come back up to eat them I thought. Still, I was impressed by the gesture which I thought was an incredibly sweet – albeit short lived!

… But just as I was wrong the first time, I was wrong again! Today, as I returned home from class, I noticed two glistening objects found hidden carefully amongst the aftershave – It was the eggs I thought he’d taken. They stood there in plain sight, only one shelf away from where they were before.


My skepticism interpreted his generosity as fake. I doubted that a child could really be that selfless and assumed him guilty when the eggs had gone. My ‘grownup’ mind subconsciously couldn’t believe why a child would give away most of his chocolates and immediately dismissed the act of kindness as a stunt.

But just like I missed the eggs which lay right before my eyes, I was blind to the reality that his generosity was as genuine as he meant it.

He outwitted me and in the best way possible. He not only gave the chocolates to me as initially promised, he had re-laid them somewhere better so that I would return and not find them where I thought he had put them. He knew me well (I actually wanted to eat one yesterday!) and re-hid them to save them for me.

We say our children learn from us, but today he taught me more than anything I’ve given him. Sincerity, Love and Thinking well of others.

May Allah bless him, his parents and his family, and make them all from the righteous of this ummah! Ameen.


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