Am I a Refugee?

Our house in Syria has been destroyed.

…I wonder, if my parents hadn’t decided to move here all those years ago, would I be welcomed into the UK, or would I be left to squalor amidst the bullets and missiles of Syria, drown in the dark blue of the Mediterranean or roam around like stray cats on the streets of Europe?

Would fellow Muslim countries welcome me in as an asset to the economy without my British passport, or would I be shunned as inadequate or inferior

Would I have been allowed to contribute all that I have to the UK, or would I be cast away amongst the fear and prejudice.

As a refugee, would I be less human than I am now?

Compared to the calamities others are facing there, this rubble is just a small thorn on the side. I couldn’t imagine being amongst those still living there or trying to find safety

To the Assad dynasty – all of this is on your shoulders.


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