By Dr Bilal Hassam

Yesterday I was catching up with a teacher/ mentor of mine when he asked me a question about ISIS and Ebola….

Him: You’re a Doctor Bilal, tell me how would you feel if every doctor specialised in Ebola?

Me: I don’t understand?

Him: There was a big Ebola scare over the last year, remember?

Me: Yes….

Him: Imagine in response all the Doctors decided to specialise in Ebola and try and rid the world of it

Me: At the detriment of every other speciality?

Him: Exactly, yes, how would you feel? No more GP trainees, cancer specialists, Emergency Doctors, everyone now is focused on Ebola…

Me: Well, that would just be stupid. You need only allocate the resources needed, in the grand scale of things, Ebola is far from the biggest health crisis that the world is facing, not least us in the UK.

Him: Exactly Bilal. ISIS is like Ebola. We need only allocate the relevant amount of time and resources to it. We need people to deal with them but remember, every day Muslims like me and you can’t afford to neglect the hard work of building and binding. Yesterday it was the Taliban, today is ISIS tomorrow there will be some new boogeyman, don’t neglect the basics. We especially need young people like you to focus on building communities. We need you guys to dream and turn the dream into reality.

Me: Wow, yeah, I’m with you

Him: Now, why aren’t you married yet?

Me: So… ISIS yeah…


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