Misdirected Passions

I used to have so many passions that were so diverse
But since I have come to know you, all of my passions have become one,
So those who I used to envy began to envy me
And I became the master of creation, the day that You became my Master

كانـت لقلبي أهواءٌ مفرّقــة
فاستجمعَتْ مـُذْ راءَتـْك العين أهوائي
فصار يحسدني من كنت احسده
وصرتُ مولى الورى مُذْ صرتَ مولائي

We have so many passions in this world, chasing one thing after the next. Never satisfied with what we have. Always desiring what we don’t. All of these are empty.

So turn to your only passion to the only thing worth chasing; Allah ﷻ, then all those you desired to be like, will wish they were like you. Connection with Allah will bring the contentment we all seek but forget to look for.

Take care of your soul and completes its vitues
Because you are, by virtue of your soul, a human being, not by your body

أقبل على النفس واستكمل فضائلها
فأنت بالنفس لا بالجسم إنسان

If you were a body, animals will overcome you in every aspect:

  • The Cheetah can out run any human
  • The Camel can drink much more than any human can
  • The Rooster will out do any human being in sexual prowess

It is our soul that elevates us above all these

[Taken from Sh. Hamza Yusuf]

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