Mohammad Ali: In Life and Death

Oh Muhammad Ali, in life you served your Lord, and in death you serve your Lord. Our community is indebted to you.

America has never needed a reminder more than now about the contributions, values and truth of Islam.

In a time when the words Allahu Akbar have come to be associated with terror, today they reverberate in your janazah on every TV station around the world.

In a time when the name Muhammad warrants suspicion, today everyone’s heart broke at your burial, Muhammad Ali

In a time when everyone questions the role of Islam in the West, today they all stood and testified your contributions as one of Islam’s greatest ambassadors.

Oh Muhammad Ali, you have left big shoes to fill, but Allah has promised through the words of our Prophet that every generation will bring forth a reviver of this religion. I pray Allah can make me, you and all our community rise up to this. Ameen!


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