Reading the Polls

Why were the polls so wrong in predicting Donald Trump’s election? And what does that mean for other polls done for other politicians?
So much is made of what the polls say about Jeremy Corbyn’s chances for example: Can we now legitimately question the accuracy of these?
I believe politics is swinging to extremes. Whilst in many places in the world, the pendulum is moving swiftly to the right, it’s interesting (and reassuring) to see the UK move simultaneously to the left where you find more in the way of social and economic justice than revenge. Whilst I don’t fully identify with either, the left at least demonstrate a more principled approach to dealing with minorities and the disadvantaged.
Truthfully, I believe a lot of thought needs to be done to understand and rethink the way forward. Muslims need to engage in deep thought and discussion to see how our faith fits into the changing world and what it has to contribute. We have become experts at critiquing the system around us, but we have yet to develop a coherent counter-narrative suited to the modern world.
We have before us a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the discussions society is forced to engage in; things around morality, justice and the new social / political / economics systems. The US election demonstrates how desperate people are looking for an alternative, and we should be ready to contribute constructively to that dialogue.
Having worked on The Centre for Islam and Medicine for 2.5 years, I know just how hard it is to shape these discussions. Navigating the interface between contemporary medicine, tradition and ethics is incredibly tough, but it is precisely the gap our faith is designed to bridge. The same can be replicated for economics, politics, finance and every other field – the institutionalisation of the study and research of this faith in the modern context.
In a fast changing world, my hope is that this time – we don’t get caught snoozing as the opportunity passes us by.

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