Our Consistent Friend

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Ina Lillah wa’ina ilayhi raji’oon
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

Now Ahmed Shah is in his grave, the angels drawing nigh.
‘O Servant, speak the name of He you called your Lord’ they cry.
O Ahmed, say: Allah the One – He whom I praised each day.
‘O Servant, speak the name of your religion,’ they will say.
O Ahmed, say: it is Islam, that calls all men to pray.
‘O Servant, look ahead and tell us whom you do behold.’
O Ahmed, look and speak yourself. These words cannot be told.
And Ahmed says, ‘He is Muhammad, Master of all men.
He is the one for whom I glorify and bow my head.
He is my Prophet dearest and I love him, heart and soul.
The Prophet says, ‘I love you too and now my hand you’ll hold.’
O Ahmed enter now his garden, you who shared his name.
We will remember you – remember us; we’ll meet again.

– by Noor Yusuf, penned at the moment she received the news of his demise.

A dear friend and brother Ahmed Shah passed away this morning in a car accident aged 20 years old. May Allah forgive him, unite him with our beloved Prophet ﷺ, and enter him into the highest rank of paradise. Ameen.

Death can come at any time. It’s real. It’s raw, and it’s often unexpected. When you see someone so young pass away, it reminds you how fickle humans are. Each day we are exposed to countless dangers, yet we live completely heedless of it. At any moment our lives can be taken from us. Are we ready for that moment?

The greatest attribute we can present before our Lord is consistency. A small action done consistently is greater than irregular bursts. I have known Ahmed since he was 5 when he first started attending our Islamic sunday school. 15 years later, he was still attending the same class, never missing a week. Last sunday was his last lesson. That action alone is enough to highlight how magnificent this person was. Shy and timid, he wasn’t one to profess the things he did. He didn’t seek fame or publicity. He was a man of sincerity, picking the smallest of deeds and never letting it go. Such a quality is extremely rare in today’s day and age – and sometimes Allah calls back His most beloved servants early.

May Allah bless Ahmed with the everlasting peace and joy of paradise. I and many others testify to his righteousness, and I ask you to pray that for his soul.


One thought on “Our Consistent Friend

  1. The world will be a poorer place without Ahmed Shah, the nicest most genuine person l have ever known l will miss him greatly…

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