Love Expressed


Never feel shy to express your love for Rasūlullāh ﷺ. This was the way of the salaf, Don’t let false claims of shirk scare you.

The Sahaba took blessings from his saliva, and it healed their injuries.
They placed his hair in water and were given cure through it.
They took his hair to jihad, and were given victory by it.
They requested to be buried in their graves with his blessed nails, and they used his shirt as burial shrouds due to its barakah.
They kissed his hands, his feet, the pulpit he sat on, and preserved his garments as a means of remedy.
They used his perspiration as perfume, and wiped his wudhu water on their bodies.
They passed his hand on their faces, and competed for the droplets which touched his body.
They kept his sandals, and safeguarded the staff that he walked with.
Our Master ‘Umar was buried at his feet.
Our Master Bilal went to Sham because he couldn’t bear to be without him.
Our Master Khalid cried at night for death and reunion with him.
‘Imam Malik walked barefooted in Madinah out of awe for the earth he tread upon, and he only made Hajj once because he feared dying whilst being distant from the city of the Beloved.

رضي الله عنهم

By Sh. Mohammad Aslam


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