Weekly Reading: Al-Kahf

It is a Prophetic sunnah to read surah Al-Kahf (the cave) every Friday, but do we know what this surah covers and why?

The surah covers 4 stories within it:
1) The first is that of youths fleeing their town to safeguard their faith

2) Next is the story of two men each owning a garden. The first boasted of his material wealth and the second advised him to remain humble. The man’s arrogance led to his garden being destroyed.

3) The story of Prophet Moses and Al-Khidr, a beautiful story giving a rare insight into how divine will operates, and the wisdom / intent behind different events.

4) The story of Dhul Qarnayn, a man given great strength from God, traveling east and west to spread his message, meeting different groups along the way

Each of these stories tackles a different aspect of our journey through life, explaining through story how people before us dealt with the situation. Reflect on these as you read it today 


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