A Relationship Robbed

Syria and its plight is no stranger to us, even if it does fade from the news. Its casualties are many, and perhaps in light of them, many of the smaller difficulties seem trivial. Yet, to those who bare them, they are still painful to endure.

Last night, we received news of the passing of my dad’s older sister Auntie Rajaa (رجاء غنام أم محمود). She had been brought in for heart surgery with difficult odds, and sadly did not survive the procedure.

She was a pious lady who loved seeing the good work we did in the UK. She would always be the first to like any post I shared, and would always leave a comment with a prayer for us. She was an avid reader of the Quran, and her character was impeccable. I only ever recall her either smiling or laughing in her distinct way. She was incredibly generous, always giving the best of what she had. When we’d visit in Syria, she would always put out the most incredible spread of food and insist we ate our fill.

I had not seen my auntie since 2008, the last time I was able to visit Syria. As much as we tried to keep in touch, it is difficult to build the same bond over such a distance and length of time.

The last time I spoke to her was on Eid, calling her to congratulate her on the festivities. She was in good spirits and responded with Alhamdulillah (thank the Lord) to every question I asked. On a previous occasion, I recall seeing her wrapped up thoroughly during a phonecall, covering every inch of her body trying to keep warm during the powercuts of winter. She joked that her nose would get cold as it was impossible to comfortably cover it up!

But the truth is, this conflict robbed us of any meaningful relationship. As much as you try to keep in touch, it is never the same over the phone – or perhaps that’s simply my excuse for falling short of my duties? May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings.

Today, so many of her family and relatives are scattered across the world. Those left in Syria are left to take care of the affairs, whilst those abroad mourn the loss from a distance.

May Allah rest your soul auntie. I could not find better words to share than those you shared with us on your last post on Facebook – a beautiful supplication symbolic of the beautiful person you were.

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
Ina lillah waina ilayhi rajioon.
We belong to God, and to Him we shall return

اللهم ياصاحبي في شدتي ويامؤنسي في وحدتي وياحافظي في غربتي وياوليي في نعمتي يا كاشف كربتي وياسامع دعوتي ياراحم عبرتي ويامقيل عثرتي ارضَ اللهم عني وعن أحبتي فما بعد رضاك اﻻ الجنة ..
اللهم يا حي يا قيوم أذق أحبتي في هذا اليوم برد عفوك وحلاوة حبك وافتح مسامع قلوبهم لذكرك وخشيتك واغفر لهم بكرمك ..
اللهم اجعل تواصلنا براً وكلامنا ذكراً ومحبتنا فيك طول العمر …
جعَلني الله وإياكم من أهَل هذّه الآيه ،،
[ وُجَوهٌ يوَمئذِ مُسّفرَه ضَاحِكة مسّتبشرْه ]
وصل اللهم وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم …
صباح الطاعة والتوفيق والمغفرة ….

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