Unsung Heroes

As a doctor, saving lives becomes monotonous. You often forget just how magnificent a role you play in society. If you’ve ever had dinner with a group of doctors, expect vivid descriptions of gruesome surgeries casually described to you just as you begin chewing away on the next bite of meat…

For years, this country has put a strain on them, pushing them to the limit of what is humanly possible. Day and night they slaved away, struggling to keep pace with the increasing strains on a chronically underfunded and poorly managed system. Yet they persevered, giving everything to what they believed to be their duty – their purpose – as a doctor.

And then came COVID-19, a virus like no other. Just when we had stripped them of everything, we ask them to put on the line the only thing that remains; their lives.

To every doctor, nurse, pharmacist and health worker – I salute you! Whilst we all complain of lockdown boredom, you stand on the frontline keeping us all safe. For weeks, we couldn’t even provide you with adequate protection, yet you laboured on, turning up day in, day out to save our souls at your own risk.

And to my wife, the unsung hero of this household, God bless you and protect you for all you do! Even beneath your mask, your smile shines through to cheer up those around you! Despite the risks, despite losing your own colleagues, you still come in each day to help others. You never post about it. You rarely moan. You just march on forwards to battle each day on our behalf!

So here’s a post for you and your colleagues, some of whom are no longer with us. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Hijabs (and now protective gear) too!

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