Freedom to criticise religion

I often hear the “right to criticize religion” as the reason for justifying things like the recent film which sparked the riots.

The video itself wasn’t an “criticism of religion”, it was insult to an individual. Though we can NEVER justify violence, if we call someone’s mum a prostitute, most of us will expect to get some form of reaction (albeit a violent one…)

Now, if we were to talk about criticising religion, if it is done in the right manner and etiquette, Muslims are generally fine with it. The documentary “Islam: the untold story” came out only a week or so before this film did and publicly criticized Islam publicly on national TV, but it did not spark up the same level of protests or violence (bar a few wackos). Even though all Muslims disagreed with the entire documentary, because it was done in a respectful manner, you dont see the violence and anger like you did with the film.

We need to understand what exactly is being condemned in this film by those protesting. It was not the fact it criticized Islam; it was because it was an outright perversion and insult of a person every Muslim loves more than their own selves; a man known to be innocent of the claims the film alleged, someone we describe as the “best of mankind”. Although we can NEVER justify such violence, we must surely understand that when you insult someone’s beloved, you’re bound to get at least some form of reaction.

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