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Aid Convoy to Syria (Please Read)
I pray you are all well.
As we pass the 18 month anniversary of the Daraa protests, an event which sparked the Syrian uprising and the call for liberation, the situation in the country gets more and more desperate. Day by day I see images more graphic and distressing than the day before. The victims get younger, the injuries get more distressing and the death count gets bigger and bigger. I remember when the image of a young child with his face deformed by the Syrian regime shocked the world. Now, unborn children are systematically targeted as pregnant women are mutilated by soldiers who have lost any reminence of humanity. Before you would see pictures of teenagers and adults, now we’re seeing infants who have seen the worst of life in their few months alive. To paradise insha’allah…
Never did I think such brutality could ever be done by a human being to his own people. Often I have to shut it out of my conscience as I try to get on with life’s amusements – work, sleep, play – but this only brings back a stronger sense of guilt when I see what has afflicted my brothers back home. As I scroll down my news feeds, I read the following tribute:
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I am Adam, don’t you know me?
I am a bird of paradise now!
A few days ago my brother Basel was martyred. I saw how my father and mother were heart broken by his death, I saw how my mother cried and wept.
 A few days later, my mother was carrying when a sniper’s bullet hit me. I didn’t die at once… it was a slow, painful death as I followed my brothers footsteps to heaven.
What’s so sad and hard is that we have left our mother and father alone. I miss them so much I want my mother to feel safe…
What did I do to deserve this? I couldn’t even talk, but they were still afraid of me speaking?!
The reason I write this is because recently, a number of people have asked me how the situation is like in Syria and whether it had ended because it was no longer on the news. The reality is far, far from that. The death toll continues to rise. Children are still being tortured. Refugees continue to flee. The conflict pays no attention to the news feeds or world politics. We must not let it disappear into our subconscious.
So, what next…?
As I look to at the wristband I have worn throughout the revolution, the red stars symbolically fade into the white background… It is easy to feel helpless when reading about the suffering of the Syrian people – how much can donating really do to ease the suffering of these people? In truth, there is little we can do politically to shift the stubbornness of the international community to act. There are too many agendas involved for people to be ‘righteous’ enough to ease the suffering of the Syrian people ahead of their political motives.
The Syrian crisis is first and foremost a human crisis, one in which people have been massacred, houses destroyed and children starved by their own government. Whether you agree with the revolution or believe in an armed resistance is irrelevant to the need of those who have suffered as a result of this conflict. Do not let the world’s silence deter you from helping Syrian people. I have personally seen the impact your donations have made in helping ease the suffering of the Syrian people.
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An Appeal… with a difference!
So, for the third time, I wish to rally you all again to donate generously. Many of you have donated generously with your money in the past as you helped me raise over £20,000. This time, you can continue to donate financially either by sending money to me, donating through our justgiving page ( or wiring the money directly to Hand in Hand. However….
… this appeal comes with a twist. Donating money in the modern world can feel quite intangible, a click of the button and we’re done! On the 28th October, Hand in Hand for Syria (Charity No. 1145862) and Human Concern (Charity No. 1147322) are offering you a more tangible and direct way to donate. After the success of the last aide convoy (where we got 6 ambulances and 10 vehicles INSIDE Syria), we have decided to hold a national appeal to send our second convoy out, and we need your help to fill it up!
How does it work??
As part of the envoys, we hope to send humanitarian aid, medical aid and vehicles through Turkey and into Syria and we want you to donate what goes there. Donating money is nice and will allow us to buy the equipment on your behalf… but personally I feel there is something special about buying the goods yourself to give it to person as charity. The struggle you make to obtain the goods knowing it will benefit someone in need makes you feel like you have done something. It feels more tangible, rewarding, satisfying. Moreover, you can write an accompanying letter to the Syrian people as part of your donation, sending them your well wishes and telling them to hold strong. This can give both them a morale boost knowing that people are still thinking about them, but it will also help you to remember their suffering and continue to supplicate for them in your prayers!
Now, our most valuable asset at in these convoys is space, so we need to fill it up with good quality stuff! Yes, old stuff is good, but let our donations be be of Ihsaan [excellence] by giving new things to give to people. Remember, these gifts are intended to boost the morale of those people there as well as helping them through their difficulties, and what better way is there to do that than to buy something new, writing a message on it and sending it to the people there!
Preferred donations include:
  • Money (please make cheques payable to: Hand in Hand for Syria)
  • Medicines
  • Baby milk
  • Baby food
  • Nappies
  • Sleeping bags
  • Qurbani money £120/ sheep-goat (please make cheques payable to: Hand in Hand for Syria and write Qurbani on the back)
Collection Points
Hand in Hand have established a number of collection points to drop off your donations, each of which are volunteers within our organisation. However, as you can see, there are a number of locations across the UK which are lacking and we would benefit greatly from having a place there.
If you or one of your friends would like to be a collection point for these donations, please email me or Hanadi Ghannam and we will pass you on to the relevant people.
Here is a list of some of the collection points. More to come soon.
5 Stile Hall Parade
W4 3AG
254 Kilburn High Road
Tel -Iman 07808001408

East London – East Ham
(Kids World)
24 High St North
East Ham
E6 2HJ
Mon-Sat 9am-6pm & Sun 10.30-5pm
There’s free car park and a warehouse so large donations aren’t an issue inshaAllah!
East London- Dartford
Dr Obeda- 07566666685 – text and await response
Obadah- 07976141077
Marwan – 07929884402
Abdul Wahab- 07771767282Bristol
Ousama- 07803605047Stroud
Louise- 07766236364St Andrews
Munzer- 07966191791Norwich
Siobhan- 07916858856Bradford
Dr Assem 0773 1500754 (daytime)
Abdul Rahman 0795 0752034 (after 5pm)Leeds
Dr Ahmad 07877 591250

Dr Imad 07854 971513

Dr Khaled 01482 650832

Dr Maher 07414 913237

Mr Tarazi
26 Hazel street

Hand In Hand For Syria (storage depot)
20 Lenton Lane

Jazakallah Khair for reading this far, and thank you for supporting our efforts! 🙂
Remember us in your prayers

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