Learning with Husna

I recently attended a Bayyinah course with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. Aside from being incredibly inspiring, he mentioned a number of other courses they plan to do and his vision for Islam in the west. One such project was “Arabic with Husna”, a new curriculum he has set up to teach his own daughter Arabic which, in the process, is also there to teach you (link below)!
The idea is its small, short clips each day which you can watch and benefit from. Worth a go for all the non-arab speakers wanting to learn.
However, the most inspiring dimension of this is the idea of teaching his own children as well as teaching the community – something I know many scholars adopt and, gratefully, was the philosophy my own parents adopted alhamdulillah. Many of us concentrate so much on either our own families/selves that we neglect the community. Others entirely on bettering the community that we neglect to better our own selves and families through studying and bettering our character. Learning must begin at home but must manifest in society in both word and action. 
Its also beautiful to see the creative way in which new initiatives are being adopted. By thinking outside the box, Ustadh Nouman has enabled his teachings to not only benefit his daughter but also the world wide at the same time! Let us constantly think of innovative, creative ways to advance this religion. 
May we all grow to be beacons in our community! 

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