A wonderful book recommended to me by Sh. Faraz Rabbani, describing how a person can find their purpose and passion in life. Here’s an interesting passage from the book on dreams and aspirations:

“After one of their gigs, I told Charles how well I thought he’d played that night. Then I said that I’d live to be able to okay keyboards that we’ll. “No you wouldn’t”, he responded. Taken aback, I insisted that I really would. “No,” he said. “You mean you like the idea of playing keyboards. If you’d love to play them, you’d be doing it.” he said that to play as well as he did, he practiced every day for 3 or 4 hours in addition to performing. He’d been doing that since he was seven.

Suddenly playing keyboards as well as Charles did didn’t seem as appealing. I asked him how he kept up that level of discipline. He said, “Because I love it”. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”


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