O my soul, come, cast away from fantasy,
O my soul, come, cast away from fantasy,
Dive into this sea of love if you would see
With your heart’s eyes wonders known in prophecy.

Lovers follow Love alone as their imam,
Drunk within but outwardly serene and calm,
Love is older than all else that man has known,
Who can say who ruled before this great sultan?

Death and day of dazing terror cannot end
This love that burns us, yearning for the journey’s end,
Mend us, Friend, our lazy hearts awake and tend,
Through love of You, Lord, all sicknesses that us rend.

We were born to serve an Emperor that cannot die
Prostrate before Him before He made earth and sky,
Our hearts still tell us that our rank with him was high,
Only Love can join us to his friends brought nigh.

So Lord we pray, accept our prayers for Muhammad,
Send peace and blessings like pure rain on Muhammad,
On companions and all kin of Muhammad,
And guide us home, Lord, for the love of Muhammad.

By Niyazi Misri (d.1694)
Translated by Sheikh AbdalHakim Murad




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