By Dr Bilal Hassam

“Sometimes we walk past a homeless person on the street. Dishevelled, dirty perhaps smelling of alcohol. That person reaches their hand out for help, they ask you “Please help. I’m hungry. Please can you spare some change?”

We look at them and we think, well they are lying, they will just waste it, spend it on alcohol and drugs and their bad habits. Perhaps you can see some beer cans next to them. We think we know better and we walk past.

How terrible our state has become.

Ask yourself when you cry your eyes out to your Lord. You pray for a better life, for health, for wealth, for your family…. You promise to be a better person, to leave the evils in your life and pledge to not slip into your bad habits.

Imagine then if an angel was to hear your prayer. Imagine if this angel sees you reach your heart out for help and snaps back and says just as you did: well you are just lying… You’re no good, you will go back to your bad habits, you will waste what you’re given.

How then do we expect the Lord to show us Mercy when we don’t show mercy to His creation? Have we forgotten the command from Allah:
وَأَمَّا السَّائِلَ فَلَا تَنْهَرْ

“And do not turn away the one who asks for help”
(Surah Ad-Dhuha, Verse 10)

Perhaps this angel that hears your prayers pleads to Your Lord to ignore your calls for help, why? Because you ignored other people calling you for help. God save us from such a trial.

We need to think a little deeper and humble ourselves, this is why those who serve others are the best of human beings on this earth, don’t you want to be part of them too?”

(Paraphrased from our dear Sheikh Babikir – Can’t wait for these talks to get uploaded. Working through the footage in the office now!)

Brought to you by Love Muhammad, British Muslim TV, Penny Appeal and a whole host of partners including The Leaf Network, Islamic Society of Britain, Rumi’s Cave, The Rabbani Project and many more!!


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