Moulay ‘Arabi al-Darqawi was walking along one day through the streets of Fes with a disciple of his, when they came across a pair of kittens playing in a doorway.

‘Look at these kittens, master’, said the disciple, ‘and how they love each other unconditionally and purely. If only the fuqara could be that way!’

‘Indeed,’ said Moulay ‘Arabi. ‘Let us see.’ He went over to a nearby butcher and asked for a sliver of meat, which the butcher gave him. He returned with it to the kittens and threw the scrap of meat down to them. Immediately they began to fight and scratch and yowl, each one trying to claim the meat for itself.

‘Thus it is with the fuqara’, said Moulay ‘Arabi.

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