End of the Line

As many of you know, the last 4.5 years I have spent working on an app called the Quran Club (www.quranclub.org). I have personally invested *everything* I have into making this work believing it to be something our community needs. Alhamdulillah, we have now reached *300,000* people reading over 700,000 pages in Ramadan alone!.
However, as many of you know, an essential aspect of our success is sustainability. We have given this a lot of thought, and have a plan in mind, but we need your help.
Essentially – we want to show that people don’t just use the app, but also buy / donate through it. If we can do that, the donate ads feature (watch this FYI: https://youtu.be/vkvzMTlXVt0) become MUCH more valuable and can raise even more money for charity for free _if_ they can see people buying through it
One example is a contract we have with the NHS – conducting a survey for them and raising money for charity!

How can you help?

Many of you will be giving your Zakah / Zakat Al-fitr this Ramadan. All I ask is you give it through the Quran Club. Money goes to our charity partners
You can also use our feature to GUARANTEE you catch Laylat Al-Qadar by automating your donations. Watch this to learn more: https://youtu.be/N5oCqzooHh4
Finally (and most importantly), pray for us! That is the greatest gift you can give.
Jazakallah khair

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