Building a Legacy

Last March, I was blessed to visit our Prophet ﷺ and His blessed city. The journey was planned as a time of prayer and supplication for the success of the Quran Club ahead of our major launch in Ramadan, a project I had given everything for.

During my visit, I went to see a 91 years old shaykh I met on my second trip. I visit him every time I go as he sits in the old mosque of the Prophet ﷺ giving out iftar every day as he has been for the last 36 years. As we sat giving out the food, he asked me a question: “Are you working for the sake of Allah?”

I answered in what has become the typical western response to such questions: “Insha’Allah”

He slapped my leg, looked me sternly in the eye and replied “What do you mean insha’Allah! You either are or you aren’t”

The moment stuck with me, answering a doubt I had been having ever since I started this project…

Over the last few weeks, you will have undoubtedly seen a host of different messages from me promoting both the Quran Club and its donation feature (if not – where have you been! 😄 )

But perhaps what has been less clear is why – what is it all for?

4.5 years ago, I left a lucrative career to build what I felt the community needed. I made a plan, studied it, and went about implementing it, putting everything on the line. After years of struggle, we’re finally at the cusp of what will be the beginning of a momentous change in our society.

For years, I battled with ensuring my intentions were sincere in this project. I know the impact this could have, and I prayed Allah accepts it and makes me worthy to carry it. But the answer is, I know I’m working for Allah’s sake, and all I ask is He accept it!

Surrounding the first courtyard of the Prophet’s mosque ﷺ are the names of the great companions who helped him in his time of need. The first name on the right-hand side is one I have always hoped to emulate: “Talha”. Perhaps I can build a legacy like this great man did. Perhaps I can please our Prophet ﷺ as he did.

I have had this picture since I first visited Madinah soon after starting work, and have used it as my profile picture ever since

We’re near to the end of Ramadan, and many of you will be deciding where to give your donations. Help me in building this legacy by giving your zakah and zakat al-fitr through us.

Donate via our app or website:

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