After much thought and careful consideration over the weeks, I have decided to join the labour party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn MP for leader.

As someone who was very involved in politics previously, grew increasingly disillusioned by it and now mostly believe meaningful change is sought outside of it, it has been refreshing to see the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. If nothing else, he has brought principles back to politics, an authority from his record of being on the right side of history in terms of votes and the conviction to fight for what he believes.

People speak about “does he look like leadership material”. The question highlights the problem: we have already constructed the wrong image of what a leader is. For me, having a principled person stand up clearly for what they believe in, who is willing to listen to and engage the general public and who is unafraid of standing up to the establishment for the benefit of the people is every bit of a leader I would like. It shows courage, vision and decency as a human being.

Saying all that, I’m still weary of the hysteria and continue to be cautious of the future. I remember the Obama hype and see how that has turned out, and I know what the reigns of power can do. There will also be issues which I will disagree with him on, and those need to be navigated and reconciled individually. But out of all the crop, he is by far the best we have.

There will be those who say this is Entryism. Let them. They are trying to have their cake and eat it – they speak of wanting more people involved in politics, but want to restrict who can enter and when. I would much rather people join up because they have found the person or cause they believe in than those who join for their own personal career ambitions.

Corbyn is a man who will stand up for the greater good and offer the principled voice and leadership this country needs and the world!

Join today by texting ‘Labour’ to 78555 or visit supporters.labour.org.uk.

At the No More War event at Parliament Square in August. A Creative Commons stock photo.

At the No More War event at Parliament Square in August. A Creative Commons stock photo.

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